It has Been an Awesome Year for Miss Texas Pre-Teen Danielle Heiman!

Walking into my very first nam state pageant, going through my first check in and hitting the stage for the first time. I never knew that I would be who I am today. Nor did I know that I would become Miss Texas PreTeen.

Every year leading up to my crowning in 2016 I got closer and closer to my dream. Which really drove me to work harder year after year. 

My first year I was a 10 year old jr preteen who had zero confidence on stage. After truly falling in love with pageantry, winning what I had worked so hard for, and then getting to represent Texas at nationals and placing 3rd runner up in the country makes every single bit of practicing I ever did worth it. It's not about the trophies, the banners, or even the crowns It's all about the journey, and the growth. 

During my now 5 years with nam i've become so much more aware about the world around me and the things that I never thought I could have an impact on. Volunteering  has made me so much more grateful and humble. I absolutely adore working at the food pantry and with BIG love cancer care. I've really grown such an appreciation for how strong people can be even in such tough times. 

And I didn't do any of this with out help. I couldn't thank my friends, my whole family because it truly takes a village, the man upstairs, and sisters around the world for supporting me through everything. Especially soy sauce aka sawyer and the rest of my glam squad.  Mr and Mrs Mayes I couldn't thank y'all enough for creating an organization that changed my life. Y'all and the rest of the nam staff will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

To all of the brave, beautiful girls who will stand on the stage pageant weekend. You should be nothing less than proud of yourself by the end of the weekend. You are all dreamers and difference makers. never forget that. To my successor. Never stop taking pictures, be a role model, make a difference, and make this the best year yet. Constance, Jailey, Mackenzie, Idahlia, and Alex you will all forever be my sisters. I love y'all more than words can describe. 

For the last time. I am your Miss Texas PreTeen 2016 Danielle Heiman. 


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