Get to know The 2016-2017 National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Emily Ortiz!

NAM: Tell us about yourself:
Emily: My name is Emily Ortiz I am 9 years old and love to dance and travel. I have loving parents that push me and support me in whatever I set out to do. I have an older sister named Elizabeth which is also a state queen in Arizona.

NAM: What activities are you involved in?
Emily: I’m a competitive dancer that loves to act and model on my free time. I have been in a few local commercials and booked some modeling photo shoots.

NAM: What are your plans for the future?
Emily:My first goal is to make it to middle school, and in the future attend college. I would love to one day become a cardiovascular surgeon, but in the meantime pursue an acting and modeling career.

NAM: How would your friends describe you?
Emily: My friends would say that I was funny, sweet, and kind, with a great sense of humor.

NAM: What is the best advice you have ever received?
Emily:My mother has instilled in me to be kind and have the courage to do the right thing always.

NAM: How did you prepare for the NAM National pageant?
Emily:To prepare I practiced my intro everywhere! I practiced in the car, in the shower, and while dancing. I was able to work with my interview coach to improve my interview skills. For my optional competitions I had my mom and my sister help me with routines. My dance director Mrs. Kristin choreographed my beautiful dance routine and I practiced and practiced.

NAM: Where is your favorite place to shop?
Emily:I love Justice! They have the cutest accessories and love all their different leggings.

NAM: How have pageants shaped your life?
Emily: Pageants have helped me in so many ways. I am not as shy as I used to be and it gave me the confidence to speak in public.

NAM: What is your most prized possession?
Emily: My most prized possession is a small turtle night light that my grandpa gave me before he passed away because he knew that I was afraid of the dark and when I turn it on I think of him.

NAM: What is your favorite movie?
Emily: My favorite movie is Mrs. Doubtfire! My favorite actor is Robin Williams. The movie is super funny and it’s a movie that my family and I are able to watch together.

NAM: What is your favorite TV show?
Emily: I like a lot of TV shows but my favorite is Liv & Maddie. The show is about 2 sisters having funny experiences and I can relate because I have a sister.

NAM: What advice do you have for future NAM girls?
Emily: I would tell future NAM girls to not be shy, be themselves, and have fun. I would also tell them not to be afraid to make new friends or to try new things.

NAM: If you could be famous for anything what would it be?
Emily: If I could be famous for something it would be for being an actress or a model.  That’s the goal!!

NAM: What is your dream job?
Emily: I love acting and modeling, but my dream job would be to become a cardiovascular surgeon so I can help people.

NAM: How do you plan to use your title?
Emily: I want to inspire other girls and help them believe anything is possible when you set your mind to it. I plan on visiting state pageants and helping any contestant any way I can. I also want to bring more awareness to different organizations I currently volunteer with.

NAM: How do you volunteer in your community?
Emily: I work with different organizations like Feed My Starving Children, UMOM shelter, and St. Vincent DePaul.

NAM: What is your favorite subject in school?
Emily: My favorite subjects are Reading and Science because with reading I can use my imagination and in science I learn about a bunch of different things.

NAM:  If you had three wishes what would you wish for?
Emily: If I had 3 wishes I would use my first one to make sure that there was no kid that was hungry or homeless. My second wish would be to travel all over the world. My last wish would be to convince my parents to get me a Yorkie puppy!

NAM: What is your biggest fear?
Emily I’m scared of the dark and scared of things popping out at me.

NAM: Who is your role model?
Emily: My mom is my role model.  She is always kind, sweet, and has always pushed me to be the best I can be.

NAM: If you could go back in time to any historical event what would it be?
Emily: If I could go back in time I would go back to the day Martin Luther King delivered his “I have a dream” speech because it was very inspiring and made a big difference in the world.

NAM: If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
Emily: At the dinner table I would have loved to include Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Robin Williams, and Adele.

NAM: What is your favorite part about National American Miss?
Emily: I love NAM because it has taught me lifelong skills like interviewing and learned to not be afraid to speak in public and gained confidence to be on stage. I have also made friends from all over the country. 

NAM: How did you get started with NAM? How long have you been involved?
Emily: Like many girls we received a letter for an open call. When we went we loved it and have been doing NAM ever since. That was 3 years ago.

NAM: What is your definition of a NAM girl?
Emily: A NAM girl is a girl that is sweet, kind, confident, poised, and not afraid to try new things.

NAM: What do you like to do for fun?
Emily: For fun I love to dance, go to the movies, and travel with my family.

NAM: What makes your state unique?
Emily: Arizona has one of the wonders of the world The Grand Canyon! The summers are really really hot which make night swimming super fun!

NAM: What is your favorite food?
Emily: My favorite food is Spaghetti & Meatballs especially the meatballs.

NAM: What makes you laugh?
Emily: My mom and friends make me laugh because they are really funny. When I watch TV the shows Liv & Maddie and Good Luck Charlie crack me up.

NAM: What was your first thought you had when you captured your national title?
Emily: When it came down to me and Grace I remember telling her as I gave her a hug that her hair smelled great!  Then when I was announced as a winner I couldn’t believe it and was instantly humbled, honored, and thankful.

NAM: People would be surprised to know what about you?

Emily: That I secretly sing in the shower to Adele and before any competition to relax me.

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