It's been an Awesome Year for Miss Pennsylvania Jr Pre-Teen!

Dear State Finalists,

Four years ago I was in your shoes when I attended my first NAM Open Call and my very first NAM pageant!  I remember looking at the queens and thinking, “That’s going to be me some day!”  Four years later, after hard work, determination and a dream I was crowned Miss Pennsylvania Junior Pre-Teen 2015!  

My family and I fell in love with NAM after my first State Pageant.  NAM has taught me to believe in myself, to set goals and to have dreams.  I have gained so much self-confidence, I can speak in front of a room full of people and I can express my thoughts to adults.  Plus I have met some of my very best friends through NAM (and my mom has too!).

I was honored to represent Pennsylvania this year! I loved volunteering in my community at the Animal Rescue League and Hello Bully, I organized my own winter clothing drive for the homeless, I visited our State Capitol with my sister queens and I spent a day with the Pittsburgh Zoo Veterinarian!  

Traveling to California for Nationals was the icing on the cake! I went to Disneyland for the first time with my whole family and I met girls from all over the country!  

As pageant weekend quickly approaches, remember to keep smiling, make tons of new friends, and spread kindness like glitter!   I want to wish each of you the best of luck!  I can’t wait to meet everyone and find out who is going to be my successor!

Brooklynn Ginsburg

Miss Pennsylvania Jr Pre-Teen 2015


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