Featuring Miss Florida Jr. Pre-Teen Britney Florexil

My year as your Miss Florida Jr. Pre-Teen 2015 has been so incredible. After capturing the title I was so honored to go represent the great state of Florida for my age division. NAM has given me so much confidence and taught me so many life skills. During my year of service I had the privilege to speak to young girls in my community about the importance of self-confidence. I also had the opportunity to give back to my community through volunteer service. I had the chance to volunteer for Ronald Mc Donald, the Food Bank hunger relief program and Heart 2 Heart nonprofit organization where I was able to raise $2500 for the children Orlando soccer team. 
Next I was off to national in sunny California. National was a dream come true, it was an experience I will never forget. I was excited to reunite with my sister queens and also met some amazing young girls from across the nation. Disneyland and the Hollywood Tour was so much fun. I also got to spend Thanksgiving Day with my NAMily as well as my family, which was an awesome experience. Being part of the NAMily has been a highlight in my life. The experience of Miss Florida Jr. Pre-Teen has been remarkable!! After nationals I couldn't wait to come meet girls from all over the state of Florida at open calls and training sessions. I had so much fun taking pictures with the girls and getting to know them. 
Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Mayes for creating an organization where girls can stretch themselves and grow into confident. I also want to thank you for all the amazing staff who work so hard and dedicate themselves to help girls from across the nation. A special thanks to my awesome state director Mrs. LaKishia for always there for us whenever we need her, she show us love and treat us like true royalty. I couldn't ask for a better state director. You are truly a role model to me, as well as the rest of my sister queens.
To my mom & dad, I love you!! And I want to thank God for blessing me with such amazing parents who loves me unconditionally and always there to support me in my dreams. To my sister queens I want to thank you for sharing this amazing year with me. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.
For all the contestants I want to welcome all of you to a fun-filled exciting weekend, remember to always smile, have fun, and take lots of pictures. And to my successor, live your dream by going out and using your platform to make a difference in the world.
Best Wishes, 
Miss Florida Jr. Pre-Teen 
Britney Florexil


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