The 2014 NAM National American Miss Packing List!

The 2014 NAM National pageant is right around the corner!  The national pageant is one of the largest events in pageantry. Girls from all across the country will travel to sunny California to compete for one the prestigious national titles. This is a chance of lifetime! If you have qualified to attend YOU don't want to miss it!

START EARLY: Don't wait to the day before you leave to start getting things in order. Start making a list now. Go over your pageant schedule. Break down each day and look at what you will need. Double check your competition wardrobe. Make sure you dress is the right length, that your interview outfit fits just right and that you have all the accessories you need.


Pageant Check-In: (all age divisions) an Interview-type outfit, nice pants suit, or suit/Sunday dress

Orientation: (all age divisions) an Interview-type outfit, nice pants suit, or suit/Sunday dress Theme Party: (all age divisions) 70's OutfitParents, don’t forget to dress up too!

Day At Disney: (all age divisions) green National American Miss (NAM) production number t-shirt from state with shorts, jeans, or capris, comfortable shoes, crowns and banners

Casual Wear Modeling (Optional): (all age divisions) upbeat fun fashionable outfit.

Top Model Search (Optional): (all age divisions) trendy outfit of your choice that can be purchased off the rack that would make your personality shine in your photo shoot

Spokesmodel (Optional): (all age divisions) Interview Outfit

Talent (Optional): (all age divisions) costume or outfit appropriate for your type of talent

Actress (Optional): (all age divisions) state opening production number outfit (green NAM t-shirt, jean shorts, and tennis shoes)

Formal Wear Rehearsal: (all age divisions) Cute Casual Outfit

Personal Introduction Rehearsal: (all age divisions) Cute Casual Outfit

Opening Production Number Rehearsal: (all age divisions) These rehearsals will have a theme. One rehearsal will have a patriotic theme, one will have a “crazy hair” theme, one will have a pajama theme, and one will be "state pride".

Thanksgiving Banquet: (all age divisions) black, white or black & white dress, dressy pants set, suit, crowns and banners

Red Carpet Awards Rehearsal: (all age divisions) All contestants will need to attend.We will rehearse the program of events for the show.This rehearsal is not an optional contest performance rehearsal.You may wear a cute casual outfit.

Hollywood Tour: (all age divisions) any NAM shirt or sweatshirt, etc., with casual pants, jeans, capris, shorts, comfortable shoes, crowns and banners

The Red Carpet Awards (Optional Contest Finals & Awards)(all age divisions) All contestants will attend. Optional top five finalists should bring the optional contest outfit and an interview outfit. All other contestants will wear an interview outfit.

Formal Wear: (all age divisions) formal dress of your choice. 

Personal Introduction and Interview: (all age divisions) “Interview Outfit,” 

Final Rehearsal: (all age divisions) cute casual outfit

National American Miss Pageant Finale: (all age divisions) official national production number outfit / red, pink, and/or white, production number outfit / and formal dress

Final National All-American Miss Pageant Finale: (all age divisions) official national production number outfit/and formal dress 

* It's good idea to bring extra outfits and shoes. You don't want to over pack but it is good to be prepared!
* Don't forget your camera! You want to take lots of pictures and videos.
* Bring all of your hair and make-up accessories 


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