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When I think back to the year 2003, which was the first time I stepped on to the National American Miss stage, I never would have thought I would be here as the NAM Miss New York. I am lucky to have been able to represent the state of NY at nationals twice during my time with NAM and both times have been experiences that I will never forget.

Competing in NAM has instilled in me from a very young age, the confidence to dream big and reach for my goals. Years ago I stood on stage and gave a personal introduction in which I stated that I someday wanted to attend Johns Hopkins University. I am proud to say that I graduated from Hopkins this past spring, and I am positive that the confidence, poise, and determination I have gained from competing in NAM was paramount to me achieving this goal.

This past year I have had many exciting experiences. I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, a local women and children’s shelter and an organization close to my heart, Health Leads. At the national pageant in Anaheim California, I not only made new friends but I also visited Disneyland where I was able to ride my favorite ride: The Tower of Terror! I was especially proud to have been named third runner up!

At this moment I want to say a special thank you those who have played an important role in my journey, not just this year but throughout all of my years with NAM. To mom and dad, thank you for supporting me, and always believing in me. I love you! To Tabitha, Timmy and Tavis, thank you so much for being so patient this year and running errands with me! I love you guys! To my sister and coach Taccara, I could not be more honest when I say that I would not be where I am today if it were not for you. Over the years you have been a tough coach, and even made me cry sometimes, but it has only made me stronger both inside and outside of the NAM system. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. To Steve and Kathleen Mayes, Tiffany, and the entire NAM staff, I want to say thank you for always having my back, supporting me and answering all of my phone calls in the weeks leading up to nationals! Thank you LaKishia and Shane for writing me a recommendation that helped get me accepted into graduate school! To my sister queens, it was great getting to know each and every one of you and it has been great spending time with all of you throughout this past year.

Again I am humbled to have represented such an amazing organization, and to have been apart of the NAM family.

National American Miss New York 2013
Talia Stewart  


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