Featuring Miss Texas Princess!

This year has been just incredible, not just because I was blessed with the title of 2013 National America Miss Texas Princess but because I got to share my year with my sister queen and real life sister Justice.
Being little hasn’t stopped me from doing great things. This year I volunteered at events for our local animal shelter and made Christmas wishes come true for kids at the Children’s home all while being a competitive cheerleader and busy bee student.
The experience of being Miss Texas Princess has been just amazing. It was a true blessing to represent North Texas at Nationals. I loved spending time with my family, going to Disneyland and having a blast during all the pageant events.
I am so grateful for so many people who have helped make my year the amazing year it was.
My family who always made sure I had the biggest cheering section possible and my friends who supported me no matter what.
And of course nothing is possible without Gods amazing grace and I will forever follow in his light.
So as all my fellow princess contestants prepare for the state pageant I hope they remember one thing. HAVE FUN, because that it what it’s all about.

For one last and final time I am your 2013 National American Miss Texas Princess Mckenna Belle Thompson.

McKenna Thompson Miss Texas Princess 2014! 


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