Meet Lauren Schwartzberg : The girl that WON the Mustang!

 Lauren Schwartzberg is the talented young lady that walked away with the brand new Ford Mustang at the 2013 NAM National Pageant! Check out this exciting interview to get to know this amazing teen just a little bit better! 

NAM: How did you get involved with NAM?
Lauren: I started NAM 7 years ago. I received a brochure in the mail and, having never been in a pageant before, I decided to try something new.

NAM: How did it feel when you found out your wont the mustang?
Lauren: I honestly couldn't believe it! It took a second for it to register to me that the keys were in my box. I remember looking at them and thinking "these can't be keys; am I seeing things?!" I never thought I'd be going home from nationals with a car! In fact, on my way down to the car drawing, I was on the phone with my friend and I joked "gotta go win a car now, bye!"  Who knew I wasn't joking!

NAM: What is your favorite part about competing in NAM?
Lauren: My favorite part of NAM is meeting all of the inspirational, determined young women.  I remember at my first NAM pageant I met girls who participated in really cool community service activities. After that weekend, I stepped it up a notch. I now am an avid American Red Cross leader, Sunday school teacher, family shelter volunteer, and certified healthcare provider.  Meeting these girls at each pageant reminds me of the difference each one of us can make in the world.

NAM: What awards have you won with NAM?
Lauren: Over the years at the state level, I have won best resume, best thank you note, the academic achievement award, the volunteer service award, spirit of America, the ambassador award, best actress, casual wear modeling and spokesmodel first runner up, 4th runner up in the overall pageant, and 2nd runner up in the overall pageant. At the national level, I have been blessed to have won best thank you note and academic achievement awards. I've also placed as 3rd runner up in the national all American junior teen pageant and 1st runner up in the national all American teen pageant.

Lauren on the Red Carpet after taking 1st Runner Up to the National Title! 

NAM: What are your plans for the future?
Lauren: I have just been accepted to a 7 year combined program for college and medical school! I plan to combine my passion for service to others and working with children by becoming a pediatric psychiatrist. In the meantime, I'm going to just keep being me and following my heart.

NAM: What are your activities are you involved in?
Lauren: I am a varsity cross country and track athlete. I am also an active volunteer in the American Red Cross and at the Make a Wish foundation. I have directed fashion shows for charity and hold food drives for local soup kitchens. I also have been raising money for the Alzheimer's association by giving out handmade bracelets for donations.  As president and founder of the National English Honor society in my school, I have started an annual Shakespeare in the park production. The club and I also read at nursing homes. Lastly, I teach Sunday school to the cutest bunch of 4th graders at my church!

NAM: How do prepare for pageants?
Lauren: I prepare for pageants every day.  I take every opportunity given to me and challenge myself to make the most of it. When introduced to a new person, I naturally have an interview going on. I ask them questions, they ask me questions, and I elaborate on answers. I enjoy opening up to people and making new friends.  Also, throughout the year, I compete in oratory competitions and perform in onstage productions. This experience teaches me to be completely comfortable when speaking in front of an audience.

NAM: How has NAM prepared you for your future?
Lauren: NAM has made me who I am today! NAM has taught me to be a great orator as well as community service activist and interviewee. I'm confident that NAM has given me the skills I need to follow my dreams.

 NAM: What is your definition of a NAM girl?
Lauren: A NAM girl is someone who is caring, confident, courageous, outgoing, and friendly. She's a leader in her community and always optimistic.

NAM: What makes your laugh?

Lauren: Tons of things make me laugh! I laugh when other people laugh because laughter is contagious. I laugh when I'm excited (like when I won the car)! My friends and family make me laugh. I laugh when I make others laugh. I look for any opportunity to smile and laugh because it is so powerful and important to laugh. It can brighten up anyone's day.

Waiting to see if her box held the keys! 


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