Meet The 2013-2014 National American Miss Princess Shae Smolik!

Shae Smolik is 7 years old and is from Des Moines, Iowa.  She attends a Christian school and is in second grade.  Shae comes from a family of 5 children and two yorkshire terriers!

    We got involved in NAM when a post card came to her grandma's address but addressed to Shae.  Grandma called us up and said "I don't know what this is but would Shae like to do this?"  I asked Shae what she thought about doing a pageant and she was excited to give it a try!  So we attended a open call meeting in Des Moines and she made it through as a contestant!  This was our first time either of us had done a pageant.  We went to the Iowa state pageant and much to our disbelief we won!!
    We prepared for the National pageant buy obtaining a Coach named, Michele Strom, who helped us so much!  Shae also practiced her walk, interview and monologue consistently.
    The best advice Shae has been given is to "BE YOURSELF!!"  Let your own personality shine!
    Shae plans on becoming a physician who delivers babies and an actress when she grows up but for now she enjoys: dancing, horseback riding, gymnastics, baseball and playing with her BFF's.  She also dreams of going to Hawaii so that she can learn how to surf.
    Shae's favorite TV shoes are: Shake it up, Full House and of course, SpongeBob.
    Our definition of a NAM girl is a girl who is positive, fun, outgoing, friendly, smart and a little sassy!  The best part of being a NAM Queen is when I am able to hand out trophies to all the other contestants at their state pageants!

Shae is featured in her local newspaper! 

Volunteering with her sister queens!

Having fun at the NAM 70's party!

Loving on her "big" sisters!

Working it for the camera as a model!

Volunteering at a local children's hospital. 

After winning the national title!

Shae's Headshot!

The 2013-2014 National American Miss Princess! 


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