What is NAM all about?

We are often asked about what it is like to be a NAM girl or in that case what is it like to be a pageant girl. The truth is their isn't a simple answer to this question. NAM is about so much! Yes you have the chance to be in the spot light and walk the famous stage, but the core of National American Miss stands  for so much more than that. 

I often describe NAM as the Disney channel meets Miss America meets Summer Camp!

NAM naturally brings out self-confidence and encourages girls to achieve their dreams no matter what they are in life. We believe with the right skills and the right set of mind, your dreams can become a reality! 

At NAM you also meet some of your very best friends! Girls become friends with girls from all over the country! I have seen friendships last decades! This organic aspect of National American Miss  is so rewarding to see. Year and after year girls come back and develop quality life long friendships and memories! So make the most of your pageant weekend and get to know the girl sitting next to you!


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