Take a look at The 2012 South Texas PreTeen Anisa Ogando!

See what Anisa has to say about her year representing PreTeens and placing Top 5 at the National Pageant!

It has been an honor to represent The Lone Star state this year. I have
had many wonderful adventures, met many wonderful people, and visited
lots of amazing places. This year will always hold a special place in my
heart. I put everything I had into it and was in shock to hear my name
as I was crowned Miss South Texas Pre Teen. Being my states queen has
been such a blessing. From riding in parades in my hometown to walking
in a 5K for breast cancer awareness with other local queens, organizing
"Dance for the cure Houston", an event that we hope will become a
tradition against the fight for the cure in Houston, TX. I was able to
donate clothing to the local school districts, and held food and school
supply drives to help my community. Volunteering  was always important
to me but doing it as Miss Texas and putting my heart and soul into
doing for others because it was the right thing I could do has become
the greatest lesson and most fulfilling experience of my young life.
Overjoyed to hear I would be going to the National Pageant to represent
my state as the Miss Texas Pre Teen Queen I still couldn't really put
things in perspective. I had been told that Nationals would be the time
of my life but didn't fully understand the concept till I was there. I
made friendships I'll never forget, got to do things I never thought I'd
do. Being called in the top five contestants for the national title was
the most incredible culmination to an already perfect Thanksgiving week.

I owe my sincerest gratitude for this joy ride to so many amazing
people. A huge Thank You for this opportunity...To all my family,
friends, sponsors, to my NAM-ily, Prodigy All Stars and Coach Johnny
Pigge for supporting me! To my grandparents in heaven watching over me,
and my Mom and Dad who never let me forget God is great and I am
beautiful because I am his child. Thank you for everything you do and
for loving me blindly and unconditionally, I couldn't have done it
without you.

To all wonderful young ladies competing today...National American Miss
has enriched my life in immeasurable ways and given me a sense of
purpose that will be a shining light in my life for years to come!! You
need to know you are beautiful, strong, smart and unique. The sky is the
limit and all you need are dreams, goals, and the confidence to go forth
and do great things. Henry Ford once said, "whether you think you can,
or think you can't, you're right." So to you I say...Believe in yourself
and remember it's not the crown that makes a princess. It's who you are
that makes you royalty.

From my heart with love,
Anisa Ogando
NAM Texas Pre Teen

Helping those in need!



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