After seeing thousands of girls and mom's over the last few weeks, at NAM open calls and training sessions, there is one question that I would like to address:

What should I wear for the Interview and Personal Introduction Competition?

2012-2013 NAM National Titleholders!

Picking that right interview outfit can be a bit tricky. You should pick an outfit that says "I'm ready for the job"! 
Choose something that shows your personality and stills shows off that professional edge. 
You can wear a suit,  a dress ,or even a pant outfit! Just pick something that you love and makes you feel confident!

Check out these fun of examples for what you can wear !

Where can you find interview outfits? 
You can check out your local department stores, look online or even have one made! There are lots of options for you to find the right look!

Check out:

Here are some great looks from department stores!


  1. My daughter has a couple of outfits. Is it best to wear the same one for interview and introduction, or mix it up?

    1. Hello! I've been competing in NAM for a while. It is completely up to you, but if you are wanting to save money, buy one, and that way the judges will remember you in that suit color or design. Have fun!

  2. Thx. This helped me a lot. I'm competing in the 2013 Namiss Indiana pre teen pageant.

  3. This and magazine #1 helped me alot!! shopping time!!! I'll be a teen this year xD

  4. Good luck. U go head Namiss Indiana, I'm from Indiana, I now live in Mo. Princess & Jr.Pre-Teen 2113.

  5. My daughter,Kaylee is new to NAM.She just received her invite to Open Call.Any suggestions on what she should wear for that? And,any advice anyone can give her about their experience,tips,ect.Please let us know. She will be in Jr Teen.

  6. Wear something casual or classy it's your decision


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