Miss California Junior Teen Stars in Music Video...

Miss California Jr Teen 2012SM Athenna Michaela Crosby is featured in a new music video!Check it out!


  1. AWESOME! Opportunities really do open up to you if you're a NAM gal. Is Athenna in the striped shirt and white pants in the playground scene?

  2. Thank NAMISS for posting my friend Cami's video. I am so proud of her; she is a fantastic singer, and a very talented actress. Both my bother Alston and I are very proud of participating in the making of this video, and for the privilege of being able to be considered for it. The message of this song transcends and touches all of us, because we all ha ve dreams and goals, and sometimes we feel like we would not be able to achieve these goals. Camis song is an inspiration that remind us that with perseverance, hard work, and a good attitude, we all can achieve our dreams.


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