NAM Girls All Across the Country are Making a HUGE Difference Right Where They Are!

National American Miss Titleholders all across the nation are taking efforts to impact the community around them! Whether they are collecting and donating school supplies, raising money for their favorite charities or donating their time to help those in need, they are taking time out of their busy schedules to make a difference in the lives of others.
 Giving back to the people around you, is one of the goals for National American Miss. We want to encourage girls that you are never to young to start and the best part is you can do it right in  your hometown! You can run a charity race or even just volunteer a few hours at a daycare center or even a nursing home. The best part about giving back to your community is that often times you find out that the true gift in on the giver! So start now ! You can even make a difference by helping your teachers and your own family! I bet mom or dad would sure appreciate it if you offered to help them around the house, take on an extra chore this week or help your little brother and sister out with their homework!

Check out these inspiring pictures of some of the NAM titleholders!

National American Miss Florida Jr Teen and Miss Texas PreTeen donate school supplies to their communities!
National American Miss Connecticut volunteer at a local shelter in their homestate! 


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