It's Been a Year Filled with FUN for The 2011 National American Miss North Texas Princess!

WOW! It was so exciting hearing my name called as the 2011 North Texas Princess! I can’t believe a year has passed! I represented my title this year by volunteering with Emily’s Smile Boxes and the Tarrant County Buddy Walk. I had a blast with my Sister Queens at the State Fair of Texas. But the highlight of my year was my trip to Nationals! I went to Disneyland, Hollywood & had a great time on the beach!  I won a trophy for my scrapbook and got a Spirit Stick! The best part was making memories and friendships that will last forever!

To Steve & Kathleen, all the judges and the wonderful NAM staff – Thank you for this amazing opportunity! To Heather, Maegan, Big Kendyl, Gabriela and Little Kendall – I am so lucky to have you 5 amazing girls as my Big Sister Queens!  I was an only girl with 3 big brothers, but now I have 5 big sisters to call my own forever! Thank you for always making me feel so special! To my friends & family, thank you for your love & support! Extra Special Thanks to Ms. Chrissy, Ms. Deborah and Delaney for encouraging Mommy to enter me in my first NAM pageant. You 3 mean so much to us!  I wouldn’t be here at all without you guys!  To my 3 big brothers: Ian, Alec, and Colin – thank you for cheering for me & putting up with all of my girly stuff. I love you guys and I’m so lucky to have my own personal bodyguards for life! To Mommy & Daddy – Thank you for your love and support and encouraging me to work hard to make my dreams come true. I love you both to the moon & back!

To the new 2012 North Texas Princess  – get ready for the time of your life!  Cherish every moment because it goes by way too fast. It’s always nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice! Use your year to make the world a better place for someone else…then: Remember not to cry because it’s over, but smile because it happened! For the last time, I’m your 2011 National American Miss North Texas Princess, Claire Wisdom.


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