Macy Moyer, National American Miss Tennessee Pre-Teen Queen, volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club of Franklin!

Through her title as, National American Miss Tennessee Preteen Queen, Macy has volunteered with my community’s Boys and Girls Club. When she goes to volunteer, she donated over two hundred books to the kids. She really enjoys her visits. It gives Macy the opportunity to share her love of books and reading.
When she volunteers at the Boys and Girls club, she donated books through her charity, Macy’s Books for Friends. Macy collects gently used books in her community from friends and others who donate them. Each visit she takes over two hundred books so that each child can get at least 2. All of the kids get so excited about reading and search for the books they’re interested in. By the looks on their faces, you can tell they enjoy reading. They understand the importance reading, which is what Macy’s Books for Friends is all about!
Macy loves going after school and seeing their smiling faces! She also likes talking to the kids about school and their other interests. It is important to Macy for the kids to know she cares! It is so fun for Macy to feel like she is making a positive impact on their lives.  She  has made 3 visits so far and plans to continue her visits by going twice a month.  The kids are so grateful for everything they’re given. It’s amazing how wonderful each and every kid is!
Macy Moyer The 2010-2011 National American Miss Tennessee Pre-Teen


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