NAM's Jessica Norton Turned her DREAMS into a REALITY!

Jessica Norton National American Miss State Finalist

Jessica Norton was a 2010 National American Miss State Finalist in New Jersey!
 She is now one of's "Buzz Girls"  where she blogs about Music,Tv and Movies. She also has her own youtube show "Camera By Her Side" where she interviews popular and up and coming celebs like The Jonas Brothers, Julianne Hough, Monique Coleman,  and Mitchel Musso, just to name a few! Jesssica also documents concerts and events in the NJ area! She is the host, editer and creates all of the videos herself. Jessica has been interviewed by GirlsLife Magazine as one of their featured "Goal Getters".  Way to go Jessica, I'm sure this is only the start for this up and coming Buzz Girl!!!
"NAMiss was a huge experience for me and I learned a lot from it. I hope that I can encourage other NaMiss girls to take their dreams into reality! My dreams certainly did!"-Jessica Norton.

Jessica with The Jonas Brothers!


  1. She is SO Lucky!! :) Congrats Jessica! My dream is to be a singer and actress and work with my favorite band the Jonas Brothers too! I'm a NaMiss Finalist Teen for Ohio :) Good luck with the rest of your career!


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