NAM Girls Across the Country Take on TRUE BEAUTY !!!

NAM teens across the country are stripping off their make up to show what true beauty is! True beauty comes from with in! So girls join the movement strip off the make-up and show what BEAUTY really is !

Amanda Moreno Miss Georgia Teen
A note from  National American Miss Georgia Teen Amanda Moreno:
The Teen Queen True Beauty Movement is designed to help today's girls find their inner beauty! We have all struggled with our appearance at one time or another. Last year, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (basically meaning that my body doesn't make enough hormones). I was prescribed new medication and it caused me to put on a few pounds. It was a struggle to stay positive, but I know that everything happens for a reason. I feel that we are planted in areas for a reason - either for us to grow or help someone else grow. When crowned National American Miss Georgia Teen, I knew it was my time to redefine beauty and show girls that we are all beautiful in our own way. I was shopping recently for a prom dress, and at the store I saw so many girls putting themselves down and talking about wanting to look like this celebrity or that celebrity because that was "beautiful." I felt like I was in the right place at the right time, and I knew it was my chance to really take my platform to a new level. I've learned that being "beautiful" is being the best YOU that you can be. We all have different body types and shapes... but we are all beautiful. You don't need make-up or expensive clothing to be pretty. After my shopping trip, I came home and immediately got to work. I posted on the Teen Queen Facebook telling them of the idea for the "True Beauty Movement" and many of our awesome queens jumped on board!!

We have all changed our profile pictures to us in simple clothing (jeans, white shirt, and our sashes) to show that you don't need to be a certain size or have expensive clothes to look a certain way. The catch, we wore no make-up and allowed no photoshop editing to our pictures. We wanted to show our natural beauty... it doesn't come in a box, you can't buy it... it's a light that shines from within.

Joining in our movement is easy! All you have to do is post a picture of yourself with no make-up on and wearing jeans/white t-shirt. If you want to wear your sash - that is great! We just ask for no crowns. Another way to show your personality is to take a picture with something you love or are passionate about! This is all about highlighting each girl for the beautiful female she is!

Kimberly Jester National American Miss Jr.Teen

Alexandra Curtis National All-American Miss Teen



  1. I think that's super awesome that these girls are stripping off their make-up.
    we have this thing going on at my school to where we don't wear make-up on Tuesdays and its truly made a difference in my life.
    I come to school rarely with make-up on and only wear make-up when I'm planning on going somewhere nice and I still keep it to the light essentials.
    I think it's great that the girls that most of our girls look up to are willing to go without make-up to help out the confidence in today's girls.


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