See what NAM girl Sawyer Matson has to say about National American Miss...

I am Sawyer Matson from Tomball, TX. This past year with National American Miss has been nothing short of Amazing! As the 2010 South Texas Junior Teen Covergirl, Texas Spokesmodel winner and 4th Runner-up on the Texas Queens court it has opened many opportunities for me this year one of them was to travel to Anaheim, CA to compete in the All-American Junior Teen competition, where I brought home a National Covergirl title and third runner-up on the queens court! It was awesome! I made so many new friends! The staff of National American Miss have become like an extended family! Every pageant or event is such a great reunion! When I tell my friends about the fun I have had with NAM the best way to describe it is "it makes me Love being a girl!" I have gained so much confidence! I know, as a wise woman once said, " I can do anything a boy can do while wearing high heels!" I have big dreams and NAM has helped me fulfill many of them already!

Sawyer with her Texas Pageant Friends!


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