Is National American Miss real ? Does it make a difference in who girls become? Does it really bulid confidence?

I often get asked by people, what is National American Miss all about. The National American Miss pageants are dedicated to celebrating America’s greatness and encouraging its future leaders. The goal of NAM is to encourage girls to dream and to DREAM BIG! We want to help girls realize their full potential. Its all about having fun and making memories. NAM allows girls to step out of their everyday routines and try something new. Girls have the chance to have their moment alone in the spotlight and show the world who they are. One of the great things about NAM is that the girls are just like you! I have said this a million times but the best thing about NAM is hearing the testimonies of girls from around the country. Its an honor to watch so many talented young women grow over the years. I went straight to the source and asked NAM girls and parents, just what they thought about NAM.
Here is what they had to say:

Livi Michele Cappel I love how NAM isn't just about beauty. Its about being yourself, showing your true colors. Since I started doing NAM I have gained so much self confidene, poise, interview skills, the courage to believe in myself, and know I can do anything I put my mind to. I have made so many friends and have so many memories. I have to say NAM is my favorite pageant system by far.

Amaryllis 'Lilly' Rodriguez -2010-2011 National American Miss
Just being crowned a national titleholder has changed my life, it has shown me that hard work and perseverance truly does pay off. I've been involved in pageantry since the age of 7 and 15 years later I finally achieved my goal of winning a... national title. I started my journey with NAM in 2004 as the first CT Jr Teen Queen and I knew if I was to ever be a national titleholder it would be for National American Miss-I wanted it badly and worked very hard to achieve it and am living it today! If I can do it anyone can with determination and passion! NAM embodies everything that I am- an overall well rounded girl who is actively involved in her community, strong in her academics, and continues growing through her communication skills and poise. I have met lifelong friends from all over the country throughout this incredible system some who I consider the family what's even better I consider the staff to be mazing friends as well who always have the contestants and royalty best interest at heart! I have competed in numerous pageant systems but the production at NAM is like no other with a caliber of its own. I am honored to represent this system and look forward to the new memories I will make and the many things I will continue learning through National American Miss

Alyssa Mulvey Although I was not in the top ten in NAM, it helped my self-esteem and confidence greatly. I am now able to walk down then halls of my school with my head up high, knowing that someday I will become the person that I've always wanted to be. Without a doubt, National American Miss has changed my life for the better.

Shellye Echeverría NAM has taught me how to be a poised, mannered, self confident, and well spoken young lady. I am very glad that I found NAM because I have learned so much about myself and made many life long friends!

Nashay-Trimia Washington NAM has taught me Poise, Public Speaking skills, modeling, and time management skills. It Helped me create a vast network and a life time of friends. Most Importantly it bought my family together

Tom Harrar (father to Holly and Morgan)  My entire family benefited from NAM in ways I can't even describe from all of the fabulous FRIENDS(and you know who you are)to the self esteem I've witnessed in each of my girls. Things we have learned have shaped my daughters into respected young women by family,friends,and people in general. NAM your a class act full of WONDERFUL people!

Keasha Belcher NAM has showed me that I'm not the only girl out there who has had trouble getting in front of people or has trouble with having confidence...I've realized that no matter what a person goes through, their not alone. There really is someone out there that understands what were going through...even though I might not realize at times, I'm NOT alone...NAM has brought me so many qualities I couldn't name them's amazing how I could change myself or the better at NAM...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!♥

Brooke Lyn Hidde National American miss has influenced and made me the person that I am today! The crowning moment of your 2005 MN preteen was and still is the cherished and memorable moment of my life. The staff is beyond amazing and thank them for making my year unforgettable!!! National American Miss is more then a pageant. Thank-you for everything!! Dreams really do come true with nam

Danielle Hooks N.A.M has changed me in so many ways. I now know to always believe in myself, and present myself in a more prefessional way through poise and presence. It has all in all made me a better person thank you N.A.M ♥

Marivi Howell-Arza I had no self esteem what so ever before I competed in NAM. NAM taught me to believe in myself and know that beauty isn't just skin deep, and to let my true, unique personality shine through. Now, I have 2 charities and a pageant coaching business, and I blame NAM for my success. Thank you, National American Miss!


  1. The way that NAM encourages girls to live their dreams is one of the things that we at LOVE about them! We wish you great success in your future and present Tiffany!


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