NAM Girls = Best Friends For Life !!!

One of the best parts of life is sharing it with your friends,and one of the best parts of National American Miss, is that it allows you to meet some of your very BEST friends!!! I was inspired to write about friendship when one of our former National winners tagged me (on facebook) in a photo album the she titled "Best Friends Till The End". Olivia Miller The 2005-2006 National American Miss Jr Preteen shared pictures of her year and all the friends that she made.It is so awesome to see girls make long lasting friendships!!! Maybe you will meet your future college roommate or the maid of honor in your wedding. I have had heard dozens of stories of girls becoming best friends! I know for me, I have truly made some my best friends through National American Miss. So girls make memories and lots and lots of best friends!!!!

Summer Haag and Olivia Miller
NAM Girls at the National Pageant !!!
Shannon Smith and Kaydianna Davis
Cali Girls being Silly !!!


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