Mariah Parks The 2003 National American Miss Texas Jr Preteen is Starring in a new show "The Wannabes"!!!

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, Mariah Parks former NAM Texas Jr Preteen winner is starring in a new hit show "The Wannabes" !!! Mariah has a beautiful voice and is a very talented actress ! We cant wait for her show to hit the air ways !!! Other NAM girls have working on the set as well as extras!!! Keep your eyes open for the 2008 NAM Michigan Jr Preteen Mackenzie Caprara and  NAM girl Sally Arredondo!!! The Wannabes starring Savvy is being shot and produced in Michigan!!! Check out these fun pictures of Mariah and Mackenzie at the premier party !!!

Mariah and Mackenzie!!!


  1. Cool live music videos of Mariah at her latest concert with SAVVY from the Wannabes on YouTube!


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