It is Time to Start Packing for NATIONALS 2009 !!!

I can't believe nationals is here again !!! Where does the time go ? Its seems like just yesterday the 08 national queens were being crowned ! I leave tomorrow morning for Los Angeles!! I will start up dating as soon as I can ! I'm sooo excited to see all of my NAM friends, I can NOT wait ! Its time for me to start packing YIKES, that could be a scary process !!! I wonder if they will let me take an extra suitcase haha !!
Here is a packing list you can go by, you don't want to forget anything !!!
1. Your formal dress
2. Interview suit
3. Opening Number Shirt From State
4. Shoes for every outfit
5. Casual Clothes for rehearsals
6.Everything you need to your hair
hair spray, shampoo, hair clips etc
7.Camera to capture all your pageant memories
8. Make up ( for Jr Teen, Teen and Miss)
9. Sewing kit ... just in case
10. Opening Number outfit
11. For anything else you might need there is a Target across the street haha
I can not wait to see all you again and meet new friends ! It is such a blessing to be able to spend this holiday week with such talented and beautiful girls !! My flight leaves bright and early so I better finish packing !! See you all in Sunny California !!


  1. Woo Hoo, get packed and get over here! I got to California yesterday! The hotel is a ghost town, but not for long! I can't wait to see you! Please travel safely!

    Hugs and more hugs,
    Isabella Giovanna Cowley

  2. i am in national american miss and i wanted some tips to have for the 2010 pageant


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